With Inspyre, we wanted to create a brand that would carry all the BMX Racing values we believe in.

Those that seduced us and make us still actors of the scene after all these years.

Thanks to our experience in BMX distribution with the brands we are in charge of through our Distribution company, we identified some specific needs at a rider level. These needs are not always addressed.

That’s why we focused on a specific products approach in our first phase : Offering a full equipped “upper-end mid range” BMX race line, “ready to race”. A line where the specs are really adapted to the riders height/morphology that the bike is designated for… which is not always the case unfortunately.

We are a small independent brand, and we want to leverage that.

We are looking at being very close to our customers in order to develop the brand and create the products they would like to ride with. Our goal is to make them “part of the brand” so that they are not “consumers” but they are fully integrated to the brand by providing us products feedback, ideas..

This is one of the reason our Factory team is not exclusively composed of top Elite riders. We want all categories to be part of our team in order to be able to work closely with ALL type of riders.

We are not looking at supporting exclusively the best riders, but those who will be able to be part of the brand and work with us out of the track to create bikes that they feel are the best for the riders we target.

Yes, we are developing bikes made to be fast and win, but we want riders not to forget that BMX was created to have fun, to give the best, at racing or just when riding for fun.

We believe that living your passion for BMX goes way beyond race results and just performance, BMX is a lifestyle.

The pleasure of riding with friends at the track” is at the centre of Inspyre Bicycles.


When buying an Inspyre BMX, riders acquire a bike that is adapted to their riding, a bike that was fully developed for them, conceived with one thing in mind “ the person who is going to ride with it”.

We want to be available to the riders in general, to allow them to be part of the brand by exchanging with them about our products, listening and taking into account their comments.

When a rider acquires an Inspyre BMX, he / she supports an Independent brand who is looking at supporting BMX racing as much as we can.

How To Buy ?

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